About Me

At 19, I started my first business selling shot glasses to my engineering faculty.

At 23, I graduated with a Chemical Engineering degree and got a job at ExxonMobil. I'd work on a rotation of 10 days straight, followed by 10 days off. During my time off, I started reading and learning more about startups.

The same year, I joined a 'Startup Weekend' and pitched an idea. My team ended up coming in first place. At this point, I knew Oil & Gas wasn't for me, and I made it a goal to transition into the startup world.

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At 24, I created a group dating website as a side business with a friend. It was through this experience where I started to learn more about growth, marketing, and user acquisition.

At 25, I finally quit my job at Exxon to focus on building my portfolio. I did this by creating a newsletter where I'd write case studies on simple local businesses. I ended up acquiring 2,000 email subscribers in 30 days, became a 'Most Viewed Writer' on Quora, and created a strategy to promote content on Reddit.

Leveraging this newsletter as a portfolio piece, I was able to get a job at sumo.com as a content marketer. In the end, the role wasn't a good fit, and I was let go 4-months after.

While looking for the next company to work for, I ended up reading Traction, a book that Justin Mares wrote. I found out that he was creating a new business that sold bone broth.

So I researched his business, flew to SF, and presented to him a 30-day growth plan.

He agreed, and at the end of my 30-day plan, he offered me a FT offer as employee #2 at Kettle & Fire. For the next 4 years, I would evolve from being an individual contributor to owning the entire P&L of both the DTC & Amazon assets.

At 28, I created getARPU.com on the side. This was my first 'legit' business that I created, and where I could leverage my network and knowledge accrued in the DTC space to-date. With just an initial $10,000 investment, the business generated over 6-figures in annual profits. You can read more about this here.

At 30 (that's now), I left Kettle & Fire and also sold ARPU. This is where I'm at now and I'm currently in research mode for the next business to create.