Hi, I'm Wilson Hung.

I started my career as a Process Engineer at ExxonMobil where I honed my ability to solve problems with a data driven, systematic, and scientific approach.

I applied these skills to help grow Kettle & Fire into an 8-figure business as employee #2, and Director of Growth. On the side, I bootstrapped a 6-figure SaaS business, ARPU, which was acquired in 2020. I'm also a small personal investor in 3 companies, all run by friends building cool things.

Currently, I'm building smaller projects on the side as I research my next business.

This site hosts all of my thoughts on CPG strategy, growth, and anything else I find interesting. If you want to be up-to-date with anything I create, check out my Twitter and sign up to my newsletter.

To get an idea of what you can expect to learn from me, start with the below reads:

My systematic approach to building a SaaS company as a non-technical founder: While having a full-time job, I created and bootstrapped ARPU, a Shopify App that does over 6-figures in annual recurring revenues. Prior to approaching developers, I figured out the the distribution strategy, the product roadmap, and the pricing strategy. This made it easy to convince high quality developers to create the app with me for free, in exchange for equity. ARPU has since been acquired by Churnbuster in 2020. Click here to learn more.

A modern approach to growing food & bev businesses: Emerging brands with a niche product can achieve nationwide retail distribution at an accelerated rate. First by capturing early adopters by going online-first, and then leveraging the sales data to gain the interest of retail buyers. From there, the brand can expand broader and mainstream market to compete directly with the incumbents. Click here to learn more about this new approach.

My thoughts on what it takes to build a successful DTC business: It's getting harder to scale a DTC business. The brands that are successful will have traits of these five trends. Click here to learn more on how to improve your LTV:CAC.